Wael Abdelgawad | AbolishTorture.com

The massacre of over 2,000 protesters in Egypt today, and the return to a “state of emergency”, must be recognized as a turning point. Either all nations must expressly condemn this illegitimate military government and press for General Al-Sisi to immediately step down, or Egypt may follow Syria’s road into civil war. Sisi has revealed himself as a criminal and a murderer.

The American and European governments (with their tepid comments) have shown themselves to be hypocrites, supporting democracy only as long as they like the winner.

I shake my head at the young Egyptians who think this could be in any way good for Egypt. The security forces responsible for today’s massacres are the exact same murderers and torturers who have ruled Egypt for decades. They are the same ones who took people away during the night to be tortured and killed. Under them, Egypt had one of the worst human rights records in the world. And you trust these people to lead you?

Some say that the photos of pre-coup protests against Morsi were inflated or doctored. They say that the pro-Morsi demonstrations were much larger than reported. Who knows? What I do know is that democracy isn’t based on who has the larger protest. The only way to legitimately weigh the leanings of the people is through the ballot box. In a democracy, the ballot box is how we express or satisfaction or discontent. The ballot box is how we effect change.

Morsi is the only elected president Egypt has ever had. His opponents should have campaigned against him, organized and overthrown him legitimately at the next election. To remove him through military action was illegal. The youth who supported the coup are immature and naive. When you invite the wolf back in and give him control of the farm, this is what you get.

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